Swisscom Eurospot not happy with Muniwireless

I must have hit a sore spot at Swisscom Eurospot. Today I got an email from Dick de Pater, sales director at Swisscom Eurospot Benelux. I had written a very unflattering piece about my experience with Swisscom and had emailed hotel La Bergere warning them about angry hotel guests. La Bergere happens to be one of my favorite hotels in I must have hit a sore spot at Swisscom Eurospot. Today I got an email from Dick de Pater, sales director at Swisscom Eurospot Benelux. I had written a very unflattering piece about my experience with Swisscom and had emailed hotel La Bergere warning them about angry hotel guests. La Bergere happens to be one of my favorite hotels in the Netherlands. It’s a fantastic place to stay if you are visiting Maastricht.

Since I’ve been accused by Mr. de Pater as being biased and unprofessional, I will be fair to Swisscom Eurospot and reprint Mr. de Pater’s email in its entirety:

Dear Mrs. Vos,

Coming back to your very generous blog comment about our “crappy service, expensive as hell’ and your efforts to talk the La Bergere hotelmanager out of the contract, I wonder whether you have ever bothered to use our service recently in the same hotel or one of our other 2200 locations. In an evolving market like this where company develop rapidly sizewise and servicewise I do not think that 1 bad experience of over 6 months ago should give you any reason to disqualify Swisscom Eurospit (very funny, btw) as you do. The fact that you go through the effort of writing letters to hotelmanagers based on 1 occasion, leaves room for other interpretation.

Considering the way you try to present yourself with, we would definitely expect a more professional and autonomous approach.

Kind regards,

SWISSCOM Eurospot Benelux
Dick de Pater
Sales Director
Jan Willem Frisolaan 3C
2517 JS Den Haag
Office: +31 70 306 0444
Fax: +31 70 306 0489
Mobile: +31 612 210418


Read up on Cory Doctorow’s awful Swisscom Eurospot experience here:


Posted by: Sasha S. on 23 May 2005

I just came across your blog entry regarding crappy Swisscom service. This is still the truth. I was recently forced to use their service as I really needed it.

First – here are their rip-off prices in Netherlands (May 2005):

In the hotel rooms the only available option is 22 EURO until next day 11:00 AM. Yes, you read it right, they do have a cut-off time so this 22 euro can be for maximum of 23 hours. There is also a data limit, but I do not know what that is, as this is made visible only after you pay for it.

In the lounge of some hotels they do offer another 2 options:

1. 30 minutes for 5 euro with data limit of 9MB! (upload and download taken together)

2. 1 hour for 10 euro with data limit of 18MB (upload and download taken together)

During my stay I have not been able to send e-mail as they have blocked access to my providers SMTP server (with other providers that always worked OK)

Hotels are expertly conned into signing with Swisscom as they believe that they are offering their guests extra service.

I believe that Swisscom must be publicly named and shamed as their service is horribly overpriced.

Anyone has an idea how to hurt Swisscom the most?



  1. Perhaps Mr. de Pater should fresh up on his customer facing skills. I bet this article would be a lot more positive if he had said:

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience with using Swisscom Eurospot. We are constantly working to improve out service and are evaluating…. (blah blah marketing crap inserted here)…. Perhaps we can convince you that our service is good if you use it more often, so please find attached 12 free hours of access to any eurospot hotspot in Europe.

    But no, Mr. de Pater decided to go in for the kill and leave a bad impression for everyone!

    I’m in Switzerland and always use sunrise, they are a lot better and a bit cheaper (but still switzerland, so expensive anyway).

  2. Muniwireless says

    Cory Doctorow writes in BoingBoing that Swisscom has “undoubtably, the worst pay-for-WiFi service in Europe (though the WiFi provided by the incumbent Spanish telco gives it a run for its money).”

    He goes on to say that “SwissCom’s service is so crap that I actually worked it into my next novel, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, as a fictionalized account of my own experience with last September at a WIPO meeting in Geneva. I’m headed back to Geneva on June 6 for more WIPO stuff, and I’m already dreading using the rotten, stupid, horrendously expensive SwissCom setup.” Read the rest here .

    I guess I’m not the only one who has had a bad experience.

  3. I heard they got rid of 50% of their employees this month because revenues are horrible. Is the end in sight for eurospot?

  4. Funny, They should send Dick to the US to learn the basics of customer service.

    ¨The customer is always right¨

  5. I was one of the 50% that Swisscom let go. Believe me, if you think the service is bad from a user stand point try convincing hotels and their clients that it is excellent when you know yourself the whole setup is run by a bunch of amateurs. If I were an hotel, I would put in my own service and offer it as part of the package as in my enitre time with Swisscom, I did not see a conference that worked or visited a client that was happy. Their philosphy is that they are right the client is wrong, you do what we say which is why the revenues have eroded so badly. It not only effects Swisscom’s revenue but also the hotel as their clients get put off using the hotels.

  6. I just spent a few days at the Paris Hilton and was on the internet for 17 minutes. I have just received a bill from Swisscom eurospot for 87 minutes – – and charged accordingly. I can’t make their customer phone number work, their customer support e-mail address isn’t transmitting my e-mail, and I can find NO way to contact them to fix this. I’ve also written to the Paris Hilton to ask them how many customers per week are ripped off by this company? this is insane.

    what’s amazing was that I was all over Croatia for 10 days prior and found quick, easy and cheap internet service. Got to Paris, and only found the hotel service, and now have been ripped off for many, many Euros??? Last trip to Paris and the Paris Hilton, if this doesn’t get straightened out. Steer clear of any “service” offered by Swisscom eurospot. it scares the hell out of me that they have my credit card number….

  7. Its a relief to read that you have posted your very nice report and the response from the sales director of the swisscom or rip-off-com internet provider.
    I travel for work in Europe and I cannot stand the extortionist swiss com rates. I am currently in Vienna at the Hilton StadtPark and just paid 22 Euros for their economy 24 hour internet usage. Even at that price the internet is so slow that I may as well be using dial up!!

    I guess I have no option but to upgrade to the business usage tomorrow.

    Why is this company still in business. It is a rip off!! We have these communo-fascist companies like British Telecom and SwissCom in Europe who think that through their unfriendly services they can charge what ever they want.

    Where is the justice?

    Well thank you so much for your blog and I hope that companies like this listen to public opinion or go bust!

  8. Patrick Nishio says

    The bottom line to all the “in hotel internet services” is that hotels now see providing internet access as a revenue stream to replace the in room telephone fees that they used to recieve pre roaming mobiles.
    Perhaps if more people stood up to the $25 a day fees and went with local pay as you go USB dongles they would get the message.wifi