December 2006 update of wireless cities and counties

I have updated the list of US cities and counties with wireless networks (as well as those with networks in deployment or planning stages). Download the PDF from here.

As of the end of 2006, there were over 300 cities and counties in the US with networks up and running, or in the deployment or planning phase. In 2006, the number of US cities and counties issuing RFPs and deploying networks has tripled.


  1. […] If 2006 was a year of many major muniFi launches, 2007 will be a year when these large-scale networks are actually put to the test. Muniwireless’ updated list of municipal WiFi networks shows that at the end of 2006, there were 312 cities and counties in the US that either have live networks, or are in the deployment or planning phase — that’s triple the number from early 2005. […]

  2. Hello, any chance you may be publishing any major muniwifi launches/deployments, planning or whitepapers for Canadian cities. thanks Lisa

  3. Lisa,

    We are revising our website dramatically and will provide a space for worldwide deployments as well as white papers and case studies for non-US locations.

  4. The pdf on projects is good – is there anyway you can graphically show this on a map(s) that you present on your page and update? (Much like it was presented in the Time magazine article on page 52.) And when the user puts the mouse over the dot, the details show.

  5. Harold,

    We are going through a website redesign that includes interactive maps.

  6. Hi Esme,

    Long time no talk! Looks like you are doing well, very cool.

    I have a question on your chart. Planning and deployment aren’t really the same as having a network. Especially planning.

    Is it possible to see the breakdown on cities that actually have networks running vs. under construction vs. in the planning stage?

    Also, is it possible to see the number of ap’s in use and the number of customers using the network per day/week/month? I’d be interesed in knowing how many users are repeat vs. one time (ie: residents vs. transient users).


  7. How can I get my free, outdoor wireless network added to your database? WilliamsburgWiFi is a free outdoor wifi network in the historic area of Williamsburg Virginia. Currently, it services an area of over 3 square blocks in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg.

  8. Does anyone know how I can get the City of La Grange hooked up with wireless high speed internet access? The City has the money but not the know how.