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Strix Systems provides high performance mesh networking systems to deliver broadband access across large urban areas, rural counties, and entire regions — ideal for government agencies, public safety, wireless ISPs, and any mobile users who want uninterrupted service on a citywide basis. Strix Systems enables the fast and efficient installation of high performance mesh networks to deliver data, voice, and video. With support for all 802.11 technologies both in the wireless mesh and to the client devices, Strix delivers highly scalable, secure, and manageable networks for customers around the world.

Founded in 2001, Strix Systems was created to deliver on the promise of Networks Without Wires¬¨?Ü, enabling customers to deploy networking systems without being tethered and encumbered by wires. Strix is headquartered in Calabasas, CA with distribution channels in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


Access/One¬¨?Ü Network OWS is a multi-radio, multi-channel, and multi-RF wireless mesh network system that brings extended range, comprehensive management and enhanced security to large scale metropolitan and regional networks. Unlike traditional access points that offer limited coverage within predefined hot spots, or single radio/single RF mesh solutions that won’t scale, Access/One¬¨?Ü Network OWS provisions wireless hot zones that can extend over hundreds of square miles. Not an access point, but a fully integrated and coherent wireless network system that delivers intelligence, scalability, security and unrivaled performance to the outdoor environment.

The Access/One¬¨?Ü Network OWS can support any combination of 802.11 a/b/g, both to the client and in the mesh backbone, dedicating modules for specific functions within a node. Supporting up to 6 radios in an Access/One¬¨?Ü Network OWS node means maximum flexibility to deliver multi-radio mesh backbones, and multi-RF client connectivity. Access/One¬¨?Ü Network OWS delivers any mix of backhaul and client services in a single form factor to simplify planning and installation, reduce deployment costs, and deliver a high performance wireless mesh networking system.

The Access/One¬¨?Ü Network OWS is also the most manageable mesh network available today. Using Strix Manager/One¬¨?Ü software users can deploy virtual networks, configure multiple types of authentication and encryption, and implement end to end quality of service (QoS) schemes. The Access/One¬¨?Ü Network OWS integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, allowing for fast and efficient deployments of wireless mesh networking systems.




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