2006 State of the Market Report

The 2006 MuniWireless State of the Market Report is available now. See below for the data points captured in the report.

research report on muni wireless market

Market Overview

  • The state of the U.S. market’s size and growth potential from 2005 through 2008
  • Factors driving the market’s growth, and issues that could inhibit its progress
  • Municipalities that are leading the way in deploying public wireless networks for both municipal and public usage
  • Key technology, financial and legal issues all municipalities, product vendors, service providers and integrators should understand and plan for

Data Section: Market Sizing and Projections

  • Expenditures on municipal wireless networks: 2005 through 2008
  • Most popular applications for municipal wireless networks
  • Spending breakdown by municipal type/size
  • Spending breakdown by timeframe (planning, deployment, operations)
  • Network ownership/operating models(public, private, hybrid)
  • Deployment timeframes
  • Scope of geographic coverage
  • Spending breakdown by products versus services
  • Most important goals in deploying municipal wireless
  • Biggest challenges in deploying municipal wireless

Best Practices: Recommendations For Making MuniWireless Work

  • The CIO’s Point of View
  • The Elected Official’s Point of View
  • The Municipal Department’s Point of View
  • The Service Provider’s Point of View
  • The Systems Integrator’s Point of View
  • The Consultant’s Point of View
  • The Community Advocate’s Point of View

Overcoming Challenges: Case Studies

  • Mobilizing the Local Community
  • Navigating the Political Process
  • Public versus Private Ownership
  • Financial Models

Market Ecosystem

  • All major groups of suppliers of products and services, and how they work together

Vendor Listings

  • Lists of all key hardware, software and services vendors with contact information


  • Looking back at last year’s predictions for 2006
  • Looking ahead with predictions for 2007