Cyrus Farivar takes us on a Wi-Fi bus from Tallinn to Riga

We’ve all been on those long plane-train-bus rides where we’d love to get work done but where’s the Wi-Fi? If you are traveling from Tallinn to Riga, there’s no excuse not to do work. Wi-Fi on a bus? It’s here. Listen to Cyrus Farivar talking about his trip to Estonia and the Wi-Fi service available on buses from Tallinn to Riga (Latvia), a 170-mile trip.

Why aren’t there more initiatives like these in other countries? I realize that it’s not a trivial thing to put Wi-Fi on the TGV in France or the ICE trains in Germany and that I understand people are working on this but what about buses?

Glenn Fleishman at Wifinetnews does a very good job reporting on public transport Wi-Fi.

If you know of other public transport related Wi-Fi projects, please email me at info[at] or better yet, post it below.

Click here to listen to Cyrus]


  1. Hi,

    I live in Tallinn since last June and go often to Riga… by bus. Would like to know which is the bus company operating wifi…

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  2. In Germany I see hope as DB (Deutsche Bahn) is retrofitting lots of trains to have a power socket at each seat. The latest ICE-3 trains have them already. People are using their notebooks a lot on the trains and many use 3G adapters as Wifi is only available in few trains going from and to few locations. 3G coverage is not seamless so coverage wholes are the biggest problems. But things are getting better.

    For France I am less optimistic. Even the latest generation of TGV high speed trains have no power sockets for notebooks at any seat in second class. A real joke. Don’t even dream of Wifi there…


  3. We’ve had 46 buses with wi-fi and GPS tracking on them for the past 3 years, running between Manhattan and the Hamptons, and all over the country. You can even see where they are here:

    I’ve been trying to get the MTA to put our technology on commuter trains, since 2002. You can see our video on YouTube, just search for Wi-RAN Wireless Rolling Area Network!