EarthLink will deliver Internet access on Corpus Christi citywide network

Corpus Christi, Texas has hired EarthLink to deliver Internet access over its municipal wireless broadband network which was deployed last year for applications such as automated meter reading. EarthLink has purchased the Wi-Fi network currently deployed in Corpus Christi and will run both the public access and municipal parts of the network. Initially I thought that EarthLink only has a franchise to run the public access part but it appears they are also running the network for the municipality’s own use (public safety, meter reading and other city applications).

The city created the Digital Community Development Corporation to operate and manage the City’s wireless mesh and fiber optic network with EarthLink delivering the public access part. This is an open network, which means EarthLink will sell wholesale access to other ISPs that want to deliver Internet service over the network.

EarthLink will provider 30 consecutive days of free service available for all residents of and visitors to Corpus Christi once the ISP has taken ownership and optimized the network. After people can sign up for $20 per month service.