Savannah, Georgia deploys wireless network for public safety – why not public access too?

Savannah, Georgia is deploying a wireless network in the Riverfront area which will be used for public safety. The city has plans to extend the network throughout the municipality for public works, utility applications, vehicle tracking and other muni use. But why not open it up to public access as well?Savannah is working with NetMethods, a wireless network integrator, and Tropos, a vendor of wireless mesh equipment. The city wanted to get the network up and running for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in the historic Riverfront area. They plan to extend it citywide for ublic safety systems, public works and utility applications.

According to the press release, surveillance cameras have been installed in the Riverfront and its side streets, “providing police officers with remote viewing of security surveillance videos from the field through laptops in their squad cars. In addition, the police have equipped their Mobile Command Center with a Tropos 4210 mobile wireless router and cameras in the front and rear of the unit plus portable tripod cameras so that the units can be deployed anywhere in the network for crowd control.”


  1. FYI, The City does have plans for Public Access. We are working with a non-profit organization called Spanish Moss. Plans are underway to run fiber optic cable to the 21 squares located downtown. A Mesh implementation will provide outdoor data access for Public Safety, Public Works and the Public. Build out starts next year.

    Jerry Cornish
    Director IT
    City of Savannah