Metro Connect to unwire Sacramento

Sacramento has chosen Metro Connect, the same consortium that won the Silicon Valley wireless project, to build a citywide wireless broadband network that is scheduled to go live in 2009. The Sacramento city council has chosen Metro Connect LLC, a joint venture of Cisco, Intel, SeaKay and Azulstar, to deploy a citywide Wi-Fi network that is scheduled to go live in autumn 2009. The city will be an anchor tenant; it will buy broadband access from Metro Connect.

There is free as well as paid service. The free service will be supported by advertising. Paid service is $15 per month for speeds up to 1 Mbps. For users get 3 Mbps and a Wi-Fi enabled phone.


  1. Actually, this isn’t Metro Connect LLC, it’s Sacramento Metro Connect LLC. Intel is in; IBM is out. Intel couldn’t bid on the Wireless Silicon Valley proposal because, by agreement, they had helped assemble the RFP and weren’t allowed to bid.