Turning infrastructures into true community networks

Brian Russell, a blogger on OrangePolitics.org, has numerous proposals for promoting usage. He has been mapping hot spots around N. Carolina and has posted a number of online maps showing where they are. He proposes using the open Wi-Fi symbol of two facing crescents to clearly show the public hot spot locations.

Brian tells us that he plans to host Chapel Hill Wireless Tailgate Parties to help promote the hot spots when they’re up and running. He says “I will go to each WiFi hotspot with a laptop, a lawn chair, and some cool drinks to use the Wi-Fi. (until my battery runs out). Each spot will have a different mini event. My goal is to promote their existence and to help the town improve usability and location choice. I hope people will come with their own lawn chairs and W-Fi devices to hang out in the parking lots. “

His ideas piggyback on the elements for building wireless communities that I wrote about last week. If anything, they are even more imaginative and fun-filled than those that have made Desanzano’s community network the longest sustained community network in Italy. Even better, Brian’s ideas could easily adopted by any muni or users group to promote local support of community wireless networks.