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MuniWireless07: Chicago

“Transforming Local Government Through Wireless Broadband”

Tuesday, November 13

Chicago Marriott O’Hare

Chicago, IL USA

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8:30 a.m.General Session –State of the Market Report Results:
Mike Perkowski, Chief Operating Officer, MuniWireless LLC

–State of the municipal wireless industry: Esme Vos, Founder,

9:00 a.m.Opening Keynote Address –Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn
10:30 a.m. Case Study – Public Safety: Rockford, IL –Paul Hackerson, Director of Management Services, Rockford Housing Authority
11:00 a.m.Technology Options: Building the Ideal Wireless Infrastructure –Pete Collins, IT Director, City of Geneva, IL

–David Hunt, IT Director, Village of Northbrook, IL

12:00 a.m.Lunch Presentation – Wireless Broadband With Purpose –Mike Fabbri, Director Data Solutions Operations
1:00 p.m. Getting the Community Involved –Annie Collins, Chairperson, Fiber For Our Future

–Nicol Turner-Lee, VP, One Economy

1:30 p.m.Case Study – City-Wide Private Network Applications in Plano, TX –David Stephens, Chief Information Officer, City of Plano, TX
2:00 p.m.Applications: Putting Municipal Wireless To Work
–Carolyn Anthony, Executive Director, Skokie (IL) Public Library–Tom Asp, Principal Engineer, Columbia Telecommunications Corp.

–Nelson Santos, Executive VP, Scientel Wireless

–Mitch Weinzetl, Chief of Police, Buffalo, MN

3:30 p.m.Business Models: Choosing the Right Approach For Your Community –Antonio Hylton, CIO, Cook County, IL

–Julian Prendi, Assistant Village Manager, Skokie, IL

–Rob Richardson, IT Director, Racine County, WI

–Chad Pederson, Sales Director, Unplugged Cities

4:30 p.m.Closing Keynote Address –Hardik Bhatt, CIO, City of Chicago
5:15 p.m.Closing Remarks –Mike Perkowski, Chief Operating Officer, Microcast Communications
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