New York City hotspot upgrades for voice, video, games

WiFi Salon, the group which brought free wireless access to 17 New York City parks, is upgrading its offering in Greenwich Village’s Washington Square Park to support VoIP calling, video streaming and gaming.

The announcement came as a press release from Altai Technologies, whose A8 WiFi base station was chosen to provide the service from a mounting on a park concession.

Click here to read the press release.

Click here for more on WiFiSalon.


  1. Thanks for noting this. We went best-of-breed. The Altai is a superior antenna. That, along with the ADSL2+ line we brought in from Covad and the local portal software we have for the park add up to a leading edge Wi-Fi Hot Spot network in this iconic, historic park.

    Thanks to Marcos Lara, my CTO and architect of the Bryant Park Wi-Fi network for putting this all together, even with an arm in a sling!

    Just look for the parkwifi SSID there, or at our other locations, listed here:



  2. Ashley Heather says:

    Its good to see these initiatives developing. NY has been left behind too often in the past in the digital revolution, so let us hope that we can start to catch-up other digital cities, and maybe one day lead the race!