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MeshDynamics’ wireless mesh products deliver uniquely high performance in outdoor networking. Unlike earlier generations of mesh technology, MeshDynamics’ “Third Generation” products use multiple radios and dynamic channel assignment. This means easy installation, high bandwidth, and low latency and jitter to support demanding data, video, and voice requirements. Performance is 50X-1000X greater than other WiFi mesh products over multiple hops.

MeshDynamicsCustomers around the world are replacing their earlier wireless mesh solutions with the MD4000 family of WiFi mesh networking products. Key applications include metro and muni networking, video surveillance, border and perimeter security, temporary and event-driven networks, mining and seismic exploration, and Voice over IP. MeshDynamics’ technology also serves homeland defense agencies, military bases and deployed units, and public safety organizations who demand high performance over multiple hops, node mobility, and rapid and secure installations.

The MeshDynamics team began developing wireless mesh technology in 2002, with production unit shipments beginning in 2005. MeshDynamics is privately held with in offices in Santa Clara, CA and Pune, India. For more information, please contact MeshDynamics today:


MD4000 Structured MeshTM Wireless Mesh Family

Users are demanding better access to their data … indoors and outdoors. Video surveillance and Voice over IP offer promising benefits at lower cost, but are poorly supported by traditional WiFi mesh networks.

MeshDynamics’ new Third Generation Mesh technology offers the mobility, freedom, and power of wireless connectivity but preserves the deterministic high performance that’s only been available in wired networks until today.

Unlike other wireless mesh networking products, the MeshDynamics MD4000 family provides multiple radio wireless backhaul (node-to-node) and separate radios for client service. This preserves very high performance (bandwidth and low latency) over many hops.

The same compact enclosure may house up to four modular radios, meeting a variety of applications.

Wireless Meshed Backhaul Typically two modular slots are used for backhaul radios at 5.8GHz or 2.4GHz frequencies (802.11a/b/g). Dynamic channel assignment allows reuse of channels in larger networks for maximum performance. Minimal throughput delay of 2 milliseconds or less per node allows many hops without degradation. 4.9 GHz option is also available, with WiMAX in development.

Access Point (AP) radios for client: One or two modular slots may be used for client-service radios– usually at 2.4GHz to match the installed base of 802.11b/g devices, although 5.8 GHz 802.11a may also be used as an access protocol.

Extensive security and VLAN features such as 802.1p and 802.11e allow multiple classes of users to be served by one network and provide timely delivery of voice and video.

Local Connections Two Ethernet ports on each node allow connection of wired Internet at root nodes, delivery of power via power-over-Ethernet and connection of local IP Ethernet devices such as video cameras or sensors.

MeshViewer Network Management System

The MeshViewer NMS offers configuration, monitoring, and analysis of the entire MD4000 family of products. MeshViewer NMS may be installed on any PC with the Java runtime environment.

MeshViewer NMS features:

  • Over-the-air node configuration
  • Detailed RF analysis
  • Detailed performance analysis
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade
  • Client activity view
  • Multiple inputs provide composite node status/health
  • Logging support with ability to export to standard file formats
  • Macro support for managing large networks
  • Truly distributed — multiple instances can be running at the same time

MD4000 MeshEngine OEM module

All the power of the MD4000 Structured MeshTM Wireless Mesh family in a compact hardware module that may be integrated into other devices by Original Equipment Manufacturers. Please contact MeshDynamics for details and specifications.

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