Company Profile: Tropos Networks

Tropos Networks is revolutionizing mobile Internet access, with a mission to enable broadband access anytime, anywhere and with any device. With more than 500 customers worldwide today, we are recognized as the leader in delivery of ubiquitous, metro-scale Wi-Fi picocell mesh network systems, and tomorrow we will add WiMAX and other radio technologies to offer a truly radio-agnostic picocell solution. Our unique systems are used to improve public safety, increase government efficiencies, and to provide citizens and businesses with ubiquitous citywide broadband Internet access.

Tropos NetworksTropos was founded in 2000 with the goal of building a software-driven broadband wireless solution that is easily deployed, provides low-cost high-speed broadband Internet access within a community, and allows users to connect using a range of different readily-available devices. Tropos delivered this vision and has been shipping products built upon this foundation since 2002. We are now delivering mobile broadband in cities including Philadelphia (PA), New Orleans (LA), Anaheim (CA), Chaska (MN), St Cloud (FL), Mountain View (CA), Birmingham (UK), Bologna (Italy), and many, many more. Our service provider customers include British Telecom, NTT, EarthLink, Google, Telecom Italia, and Frontier Communications.

High Value Mobile Applications

Tropos solutions are used today to deliver a range of citywide Wi-Fi applications that improve workforce efficiency, provide cost savings, and enable a broad range of new data-, voice- and video-centric applications.

  • Public Safety – Providing mobile pubic safety workers with high-speed access to information such as mug shots and fingerprints for improving safety within the community. Public safety productivity can improve 20% or more.
  • Video Surveillance – Enabling police to monitor areas (high crime, public schools, municipal buildings, etc.) or events from a remote location without increasing the workforce, and while providing hard evidence for court cases. Video surveillance can reduce crime rates by 50% or more.
  • Mobile City Workforce – Enabling them to file reports and download information from the field improves their effectiveness in serving the community. With more than 40% of city workers mobile, this can mean big savings.
  • Extended College Campus Access – Complimenting existing campus networks and extending outdoor Wi-Fi reach to almost anywhere around town. This keeps students always connected with their schools and their world.
  • Fixed Public Access – Residential and business Internet access as an add-on service for existing broadband networks or as an alternative for providing high-speed ubiquitous access within a city.
  • Mobile Access for Small-Medium Enterprises – Dramatically improve productivity for small and medium mobile businesses in real estate, trades, delivery and more.
  • City-Wide Access for Visitors – Provide city-wide daily or weekly access to visiting business people and tourists for cost-effectively staying connected.
  • Telemetry Operations – Create inexpensive, ubiquitous connectivity for meter-reading, intelligent transportation systems, parking meter automation, sensors and more.


Tropos MetroMesh is the first wireless picocell architecture purpose-built for delivering low-cost, high-capacity, high coverage mobile broadband on a metro-scale. MetroMesh fractionalizes backhaul, self-configures and self-optimizes, collects and analyzes performance and activity data and ensures reliable client connectivity in unlicensed and licensed spectrum. MetroMesh scales to thousands of Tropos routers covering hundreds of contiguous square miles. Tropos has proven that MetroMesh delivers industry leading symmetrical client throughput at the lowest total cost of ownership in the world’s largest metro-scale Wi-Fi mesh networks in operation today.


The growing Tropos MetroMesh solution combines the industry’s most sophisticated distributed mesh intelligence with purpose-built hardware platforms and centralized configuration, management and analysis tools. Each MetroMesh router is based on open-standard Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g) technology, and includes all of the robust features of the MetroMesh OS.

Tropos MetroMesh Routers:

  • Tropos 5320 dual mode outdoor MetroMesh router
  • Tropos 5210 single mode outdoor MetroMesh router
  • Tropos 4210 mobile MetroMesh router
  • Tropos 9532 outdoor public safety (4.9 GHz) MetroMesh router
  • Tropos 9422 outdoor mobile public safety (4.9 GHz) MetroMesh router
  • Tropos 3210 indoor MetroMesh router

Tropos MetroMesh OS™:

  • Layer 4 IP mesh routing software distributed on every Tropos MetroMesh Router

Tropos Configuration, Management and Optimization:

  • Tropos Control – centralized configuration and network work health monitoring
  • Tropos Insight – advanced analysis, reports, network performance and client visibility


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