Minneapolis muni Wi-Fi returns impressive performance

Novarum’s newest comparisons of muni network performance won’t officially be out until next month but Belair Networks and USI Wireless, respectively the hardware supplier and service provider for Minneapolis’ storied high speed network, are claiming the top performance among city networks. Novarum officials confirmed that the claim is premature. Still, good things appear to be happening in Minneapolis.

Belair and USI apparently jumped the gun with this announcement. It seems Belair contracted with Novarum to performance-test the Minneapolis network and those tests are evidently turning in impressive results so far. But Phil Balenger, a managing partner at Novarum, says the tests there have not been completed and, since they are being conducted privately for Belair, they are ed independent of Novarum’s own comparative ranking.

Belair and USI are basing their claims on the latest comparative summary that Novarum released last fall and that are posted on Novarum’s web site.

Phil told me Belair has not given Novarum permission to use the private test data in their public report (due out next month) “and we have much more testing to do there (in Minneapolis). We did use the same methodology that we do for the public testing so we can draw comparisons to our other work as we did there. In fact the numbers are very good and in some cases are the highest we have measured.” But, he added “Novarum is not declaring this as the fastest, since the testing is incomplete…Bottom line: it is an excellent network as far as we can tell.”

We look forward to the next release of Novarum’s public ranking and will being you a full analysis when it becomes public.

Click here to read the press release.


  1. Kimo Crossman says

    Please read if this is testing only for *outdoor* coverage. who cares, indoors and multifloor is where 80-90% of usage occurs.

  2. “Excellent network as far as you can tell”? Maybe it looks nice, but it doesn’t work very well. You have to live right next to a node and stick your modem in the window to get a signal. Speeds fluctuate, signal drops, disconnects are the rule, not the exception. Most of the blogs discussing Mpls wi-fi are negative. We have it and it’s the worst internet service we have had. Dial-up was more reliable.