Wireless Philadelphia: An update from its CEO

Even as it waits to see the outcome of EarthLink’s plan to sell off its muni wireless business, Wireless Philadelphia is not without a plan for its future. Greg Goldman, CEO of WP discussed that plan in a radio interview this week with Brenda Jorett of Morning Edition of WHYY, Philadelphia.

The interview offers an update on the current status of the network and WP’s digital inclusion initiative,. Greg also discussed at some length the organization’s plans for the future in light of EarthLink’s retreat from the market.

“EarthLink is simply the provider for a much larger initiative here,” he said, speaking of the organization’s commitment to digital inclusion in the city. “We have a goal to achieve…we are going to get to that goal and if we have to ride to the goal in a different truck, well, we’re going to get a different truck.”

WP’s 10-year contract with EarthLink, he said, allows it “to review and approve” any potential buyer and “all the obligations of the current contract will be assigned to whomever it is.” He predicts that soon “we’re going to have some good news and a fresh shot in the arm for this network.”

Click here to hear the interview.


  1. The Philebrity blog ran this funny commentary about EarthLink. I thought you all might find it amusing.