Wi-Fi on public transport is suddenly hot

I don’t know why these articles seem to come together in bunches but this week, Wi-Fi Planet has a long piece written by Daniel Casciato about Wi-Fi as an amenity for commuters and USA Today pointed out that more cities are offering Wi-Fi to bus passengers. The Wi-Fi Planet article goes into greater depth (I was interview for the piece), covering Wi-Fi on buses in the UK and transit authorities in Montreal, Massachusetts, Chattanooga, Nevada, and Stockholm — emphasizing that Wi-Fi isn’t just for the passengers but also for the transit authorities’ operations and the safety of the bus drivers.

What is fueling the trend? Inexpensive backhaul (3G) for Wi-Fi, cheaper equipment, greater demand coming from passengers who now have not only laptops but also iPods, iPhones, gaming devices, cameras and mobile phones with Wi-Fi.