Corpus Christi poised to take over EarthLink muni Wi-Fi network

The city council of Corpus Christi, Texas is voting this week on an agreement with EarthLink that would transfer ownership of the municipal Wi-Fi network back to the city. EarthLink agreed to buy the network last year from the city for over $5.3 million. However, because EarthLink is leaving the municipal wireless business, it has decided to give the network back to Corpus Christi. In exchange, EarthLink does not have to pay the remaining $1.59 million it owes to the city. No one knows what the city plans to do with the public access part of the network. Will the city hire another ISP to operate it? The city will continue to use it for wireless automated meter reading.

For more details on the Corpus Christi plan, click here.

UPDATE 16 April 2008: The city council approved the takeover of the network from EarthLink: “The transfer would give the city back rights to the 147 square miles of network, as well as improvements made by EarthLink totaling $1.76 million. EarthLink also would provide the city with about $830,000 in radios and equipment used for the network. Maintenance of the network is expected to cost the city $300,000 annually.”


  1. We don’t plan to hire another ISP – we’ll operate it ourselves.

    We will continue to provide public access, first by expanding the number of “hot spots” throughout the City, and later on a wider basis.

    Our primary focus going forward is to concentrate on supporting and deploying the applications that the network was built to provide to City workers.

    Michael Armstrong
    City of Corpus Christi, TX