Long Island Wi-Fi network delayed

The Suffolk-Nassau counties’ Wi-Fi network across Long Island has missed the target launch date and there are doubts that E-Path Communications, the service provider who won the bid to unwire the two counties, will ever finish the project. E-Path is also expected to miss the launch of its pilot project in Delray Beach, Florida.

E-Path’s deal with the counties requires no public monies being spent on the deployment of the network or on an anchor tenancy. EarthLink and MetroFi had similar agreements with various municipalities. While EarthLink has abandoned the municipal wireless business, MetroFi has decided it will not build any networks without financial contribution from cities.

I had reservations about this project last year for two reasons: the business model (how will e-Path recoup its investment) and e-Path’s lack of experience in deploying large city wireless networks. Read the detailed post:

Long Island: big project, small integrator


  1. Considering E-Path bids these deals without a hardware vendor/integrator, it clearly shows their incompetence and inability to actualy deploy a project. Shame on Long Island and Del Rey for selecting the “best” bid without doing their homework.

  2. In this case the “best” bid was the cheapest bid. You get what you pay for.