Ohio cities go forward with municipal wireless networks

Dublin and Gahanna, Ohio will be getting citywide wireless networks by 2009, thanks to the city councils’ approval of contracts with DHB Networks. The cities are following the anchor tenancy model whereby DHB Networks does not bear all of the cost of deployment. The cities are paying part of the cost of building the network.

Details of the deployments

(1) Gahanna is a new project for DHB. There is no existing citywide network. DHB responded to the city’s RFP and won the bid in October 2007. The city is contributing $1.35 million towards the network deployment cost, plus $477,000 for fiber construction; DHB’s investment in the Gahanna project ranges between $1.5 million and $2 million. Gahanna wants to use the network for automated meter reading, public safety and wireless video camera surveillance.

(2) Dublin has an existing network that covers only a part of the city (10 square kilometers). The contract with DHB will expand the network to cover 62 square kilometers for an additional $1.15 million from the city. DHB has already spent $1 million on the Dublin network which will be used for municipal applications and public Internet access (selling subscriptions to residents and visitors).