Google and cable companies get into WiMAX: what’s in it for them?

Paul Kapustka, wireless industry analyst and publisher of Sidecut Reports (also former VP of online content at Pulvermedia), thinks that the cable companies’ investment in Clearwire is a very smart move. In his most recent analyst report, Xohm Or Go Home: Why 2008 Is WiMax’s Breakout Year in the U.S. — Or Else!, he says:

For Comcast and Time Warner, a Xohm investment could be a positive in several ways — on one hand, it could give the cable providers a true “quadruple play,” with the ability to add wireless access to their current “triple play” offerings of voice, video and data. And since cable companies are currently restricted by law from growing too big (regulations say no provider can have more than 30 percent of the overall U.S. market), a WiMax investment in a standalone provider could be another way to gain indirect market share.

Paul believes that the cable companies are looking for ways to expand without attracting more FCC scrutiny and regulation. Read more of Paul’s analysis here.