Qwest begs for government subsidies for broadband

Nothing like a private company asking for government funds: “Qwest Communications International Inc. is asking a federal agency to obey a 2005 court order for reforms that Qwest hopes will give it more access to a pot of money subsidizing rural phone and broadband service. The Denver-based telecommunications company petitioned the Federal Communications Commission on May 5 to follow a 3-year-old 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling ordering reforms in a program reimbursing telephone companies billions of dollars for serving rural areas.”

Just as I had finished putting forth my plan – where cities require cafes to provide free Wi-Fi (of course, not subsidizing the Wi-Fi but having the cafe owners buy it from private companies and also suggesting that the French plan to require new apartment buildings to have fiber ducts – and having the commenters to my post call me a Communist, now comes Qwest, a private company that makes millions of dollars, seeking, what else, government funds.

For a tiny percentage of readers of this site (unfortunately the same ones who comment), it’s okay if a private company gets government funds and blows it on outrageous executive pay, but not okay for the government to invest in wired and wireless broadband infrastructure that is OPEN to all competitors including Qwest.

I like competition. Much of the US does not have sufficient competition in the market for broadband services. The more intelligent readers know exactly why that is.


  1. It’s just a rational profit maximizing entity taking advantage of an irrational regulatory environment.