Question of the day: Why is Nortel giving up on WiMAX?

I was surprised to read in the Wall Street Journal today that Nortel will focus its R&D and sales efforts on LTE instead of WiMAX. The company claims that demand for LTE equipment outstrips that for WiMAX as a result, they are putting their money into LTE. They’re not abandoning the WiMAX market altogether, instead they have entered into a deal with Alvarion to combine their technology with Alvarion’s. Anyone care to speculate what’s going on?


  1. Wimax is a more mature platform and they missed the boat.. ? LTE still has room for them to get in on the ground floor.

    Probably smart to focus on one technology and LTE will have more acceptance in the mobile computing space (handhelds etc) by carriers than will Wimax so likely a bigger business opportunity.

  2. John Minerich says

    It is my understanding that LTE will be deployed on a lower frequency spectrum like the 700 Mhz. This should provide better user experience than the higher frequencies used by WiMax today.
    But I still feel WiMax has it’s place.