Icomera acquires Moovera Networks, extends product line for public transport Wi-Fi

Icomera AB is acquiring Moovera Networks, a UK company that sells wireless access points used by buses, trains and ferries to deliver Wi-Fi service to passengers. The deal makes a lot of sense because Icomera installs wireless networks in public transport for Wi-Fi access, CCTV, vehicle tracking or streaming entertainment and both companies go after the same type of customer: public transport firms.

“For some time now Moovera and Icomera have been addressing the same markets from different directions,” said Jim Baker, CEO and founder of Moovera. “While Icomera has focused on sophisticated and complex rail systems, we have been targeting the broader market for Internet connectivity on road transport and outdoor networks. Many of the world’s largest transport operators like National Express and First Group own rail and bus networks and are already deploying both Icomera and Moovera solutions; the merger of our two businesses will create a single supplier with the best possible range of solutions for our customers worldwide.”

Following the acquisition, Icomera will adopt the Moovbox brand for its new combined product line and use Moovera’s worldwide network of Channel Partners who sell and support Moovbox systems in their regional markets. Moovera’s Kent-based operations and its nine employees will become Icomera’s UK office, bringing the total workforce in Sweden and the UK to over forty people. Moovera CEO Jim Baker will take up the post of Chief Marketing Officer at Icomera. The financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

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