Milledgeville, Georgia to deploy muni WiMax network with Clearwire

Milledgeville, Georgia is using the $862,000 grant from the Wireless Communikties Georgia program (of the Georgia Technology Authority) for a WiMAX network. The city had been making plans for a citywide Wi-Fi network but decided to partner instead with Clearwire. Milledgeville believes that WiMAX will be a better technology that Wi-Fi for covering large areas of the community. Indeed, because Clearwire is already deploying WiMAX in Atlanta, extending the service to Milledgeville won’t be too difficult. The city wants to ensure that people who subscribe to the Milledgeville WiMAX service will be able to roam anywhere Clearwire offers WiMAX. I hope that by the time the network is up and running, there will be enough devices with WiMAX.