Arezzo, Italy sets up muni Wi-Fi network with FON

Arezzo, Italy is working with FON to bring municipal Wi-Fi service across the city. Arezzo will install FON in strategic locations and encourage people to share their connections. Visitors and locals who are not Foneros can still access the network for free (for 15 min) by watching a 15 second ad or they can buy a daily pass for 3 Euros.

Arezzo is a beautiful, historic town in Tuscany which is very popular destination among people who are staying in Florence, Siena and the Chianti region. The arrangement between FON and Arezzo is great for visitors who need Internet access to check email, maps or addresses quickly. At 3 EUR a day, it’s very inexpensive (compared to what hotels and other locations charge in Europe for Wi-Fi). And if you are already a Fonero, you get access for free.

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Disclosure: I am a Fonero and have been sharing my connection in Amsterdam.


  1. Where can I buy a daily pass for 3 Euros in Florence Italy? Thanks.