Clearwire WiMAX demo coming to S.F. CTIA show

We’re not sure yet if the Intel sport-utes will be in the house, but we have confirmed that Clearwire will have a live, working Mobile WiMax demo during the upcoming CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment show in San Francisco, Sept. 10-12.

The mini-WiMax network demo should help kick off a big month for WiMax in the U.S., with the promised launch of Sprint’s Xohm services in Baltimore and the big WiMax World show in Chicago at the end of the month. With any luck we’ll get some harder delivery dates and pricing news for both the new services as well as all the new WiMax-enabled laptops and handheld devices, some of which were unveiled at the recent Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

As we said in our previous Sidecut Report on WiMax, there’s no better way to market WiMax than to show folks its capabilities working live. (Such a demo sure convinced Comcast’s Brian Roberts to part with a billion investment bucks.) Side-by-side tests with an iPhone 3G, anyone?

Need to know more about WiMax? Order our recently updated WiMax report, with full analysis of the “new” Clearwire deal and the motivations for investors Comcast, Google, Intel and others.

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Paul Kapustka is a longtime journalist who has spent more than two decades covering the information technology business, Paul most recently has been focusing on mobility and how it has changed the computing and collaborative landscape. His newest project outside Mobile Enterprise 360 is a research and analysis operation called WiFi Journal. He is also editor in chief of Mobile Sports Report, which covers the intersection of mobile technology and sports business. Paul is also the founder of Sidecut Reports, a research firm that covered the emergence of 4G technology in the cellular marketplace.