iPhone woes: Apple and AT&T sued, 3G network inadequate for data use

Wired reports today that iPhone users have been reporting a lot of outages of AT&T’s data service in places such as Boston, Chicago, Washington DC and St. Louis.

Meanwhile, a retired Chicken of the Sea executive has filed a lawsuit against AT&T and Apple alleging the carrier and device maker misrepresented the performance of the 3G iPhone on AT&T’s 3G network (too slow, often gets bumped down to an EDGE network). He claims there are too many people on the network and that it is inadequate to support the large number of users sending and receiving all that data.

What’s going on? There are a lot of “I told you so’s” circulating: how 3G is not suitable for massive data use, how 3G networks in the US are poorly implemented (accounting for too few users, backhaul is copper, not fiber) and so on. While most of the problems seems to be concentrated in the US, I expect the same to happen in Europe when more people get iPhones. Read more on Wired.

**WiMAX is looking better and better everyday. When will WiMAX come to the iPhone?

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  1. Its not just the iphone, any 3G device is suffering from poor performance these days.