Cablevision launches Long Island Wi-Fi service

Cablevision has launched its Wi-Fi service in various parts of Long Island, but it is available only to customers of Optimum Online. The cable company has set up several Wi-Fi hotzones (they call them community zones) including Long Island Railroad station platforms and parking lots, using equipment from BelAir Networks. It’s unfortunate that non-Optimum Online customers cannot even buy access to use the network, so in my view, it’s not really useful except to people who have Cablevision Optimum Online. Here’s as screenshot of Cablevision’s Wi-Fi coverage on Long Island:

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  1. Esme, your view is exactly the point that Cablevision is trying to make. There’s no charge for high speed access out of the home if you’re an Optimum subscriber. Your alternative is to subscribe to a $50-60 month contracted data plan from a cell carrier if you want access outside the home.