Our broadband sucks but at least we have a lot of company

Another day, another study announcing to the world that broadband infrastructure in most countries is not future-ready (for watching YouTube, video chatting and file sharing). It’s not even present-ready, given that many people are using these applications right now.

A study based on results of Speedtest.net (which I use to measure bandwidth when I’m traveling – just out of curiosity), shows Japan in the top spot (again) followed by Sweden, the Netherlands, Latvia (!) and Korea. The US is in 16th place, but ahead of Russia, Bulgaria, China, Brazil, and Argentina. So not too shabby. If we were to rent a party tent for the broadband “losers”, we’d have a really big party.

What explains the broadband speed gap among the developed countries? Investments in fiber networks, strong government vision and policy.

What’s needed for a decent Internet experience according to the study? At least 3.75 Mbps (down), 1Mbps up, latency under 95 milliseconds and in five years, 11 Mbps (down), 5Mbps (up), latency under 60 milliseconds.

Note: I have used Speedtest.net and even in my house in Amsterdam, the download and upload speeds vary depending upon the time of day and other factors unknown to me.

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