Devicescape releases latest version of Easy Wi-Fi, signs deals with HTC, Fujitsu and DeFi Mobile

Devicescape has just released the latest version of Easy Wi-Fi, its connection manager (formerly known as Devicescape Connect). Easy Wi-Fi is available for Windows PCs, Macs, smartphones and other types of portable devices (e.g. for gaming). The company also announced three new OEM relationships: HTC and Fujitsu will be embedding the Easy Wi-Fi software in their cellular/Wi-Fi devices and VOIP provider DeFi Mobile will be using Easy Wi-Fi to make it much easier for their customers to find and log on to Wi-Fi networks that are partners of DeFi.

Devicescape already has OEM relationships with hardware companies such as HP, Intel, Nokia and RIM, and service providers such as Deutsche Telekom, BT and The Cloud (a Wi-Fi hotspot operator in Europe). Device makers, applications providers (like DeFi Mobile) and operators can tailor the Easy Wi-Fi software specifically for the needs of their users to improve security, speed of connecting and other features.

According to Devicescape CEO, Dave Fraser, mobile operators have finally begun to see the importance of Wi-Fi because they need to offload massive amounts of data from 3G networks to Wi-Fi networks, and allow users to roam between hotspots. The iPhone, according to Dave, has changed the game not just for handset makers but for telecom operators as well. iPhone owners are much heavier users of mobile data services than people who own traditional cell phones, in particular, they browse the Internet and use Google maps more heavily than others. The success of the iPhone and the dramatic increase in data use have caused handset makers and operators to create new devices and interfaces (touch-screen) that make it easy and attractive for people to browse the web. As a result, manufacturers are focused on dual mode handsets (Blackberries, iPaqs, Nokia’s E71).

You can download the Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi software from the company’s website and if you have an iPhone, you can buy it for $4.99 from the Apple app store.


  1. Carl Martin says

    it is not clear what this company does or what the product is- help me out here.

  2. They make a piece of software called Easy WiFi which you download onto your Wi-Fi portable device (laptop, phone). Then, you go to the Devicescape site and create an account. In that account, you type in all of the usernames and passwords you use for your home/office Wi-Fi network, Boingo, T-Mobile hotspot accounts and so on. Every time you are in the vicinity of those networks, the Devicescape software on your device automatically logs you in.

  3. Carl Martin says

    thanks, you would have no idea that is what they do from looking at their website or reading about their partnerships.

  4. Ludlow Hutchinson says

    i had ipod touch and need easy wifi. thank you.