McCain adviser pulls out of tech debate

Sorry for those of you who logged on to the New America Foundation’s webcast of the debate between Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Reed Hundt, the tech advisers of McCain and Obama yesterday. Holtz-Eakin did not show up at all, due to a “last minute scheduling conflict” according to the McCain campaign. Although it seems to have been an honest scheduling conflict, Holtz-Eakin appeared on MSNBC at 1:00 p.m., right during the middle of the New America event. While on MSNBC, Holtz-Eakin tried to argue that Obama would be a third term of President Bush, saying that it’s “Barack Obama who’s doubling down on the Bush spending . . . WIRED originally requested that former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina represent the McCain campaign at the event. Although she said she would be “happy to participate,” the McCain campaign “vetoed her.” Thompson then requested Michael Powell, Meg Whitman, or John Chambers. Instead, the campaign offered Holtz-Eakin. On Oct. 24, New America sent out an invitation to the event with the billing of Hundt and Holtz-Eakin. This morning, when he learned that Holtz-Eakin was going to be a no-show, Thompson asked for Lee Dunn, Bill Bailey, and Bryan Tramont. None of them were available.” (Read more here).

Why didn’t the McCain campaign send Joe the Plumber instead?

You can still watch the webcast but it features only Reed Hundt.