Beech Grove, Indiana launches municipal wireless service

The city of Beech Grove, Indiana has deployed a municipal wireless mesh network and is now offering WiFi service throughout the community. The monthly rates are:

  • residential: $5.95 (512 Kbps) to $15.95 (3 Mbps)
  • business: $24.95 (1.5 Mbps) to $30.95 (3 Mbps)

The citywide WiFi network is a project of the Beech Grove Redevelopment Commission in partnership with the local power company (Indianapolis Power & Light Company), Unplugged Cities (an ISP) and Federal Signal Corporation (systems integrator).

“Designed as a soft launch, the month of December will involve 30 selected subscribers who will assist in testing the network to identify final tweaks to prepare for the full launch immediately after the first of the year. The 30 participants selected will represent a cross-section of the community, in order for the entire City to be evaluated. Any resident or business interested in being considered should contact the Mayor’s office at 791-6060 by the close of business on Tuesday, December 9. In exchange for serving as the “early” subscribers, these residents/businesses will receive 90 days of free service when the program fully launches in January.” (click here for more details)


  1. john sherwood says

    I’m entering a complaint to anyone in authority who will listen. My daughter and son-in-law live in beech grove and use the wifi from their att router. they pay for their internet access through att. while using their wifi access they are frequentl bumped off by your beech grove signal. once bumped off, they are forced to receive your signal with a NOMADIX sign up page. What can be done to fix this?

  2. Brian Converse says

    Change the channel on your ATT router. Welcome to the unlicensed bands!

  3. Remove “beach grove’s” ssid from your list of preferred networks on your computer and as long as you don’t connect to it again (which is how it happened in the first place), this won’t happen anymore. This isn’t beach grove’s problem, nor ATTs, simply spend 5 minutes learning about how wifi works and you’ll be rid of this annoyance once and for all.