Dutch FTTH joint venture opens network to competition, gets green light from regulator

The Netherlands’ competition authority (NMa) approved the joint venture between KPN, the Dutch telecom incumbent, and Reggefiber, a FTTH operator, to build out fiber networks to homes in the Netherlands. Initially, the competition authority and OPTA (the telecom regulator) rejected the joint venture because they feared that companies’ tie-up would exclude service providers from delivering competing voice, IPTV, Internet and other services on the network.

However, the NMa approved the venture after KPN and Reggefiber agreed to allow other companies to lease access to the network on a non-discriminatory basis for 14.50 EUR to 17.50 EUR (depending on the region) per month for each household connection (the fee will be indexed for inflation).

See the Netherlands competition authority’s press release concerning the approval of the KPN-Reggefiber joint venture (in Dutch).

Below are the tariff tables published by OPTA for wholesale fiber capacity leasing (per household; colocation and backhaul).

(vezelpaar = fiber pair; klant = client; tariefplafond = tariff ceiling)