Nokia cancels N810 WiMAX Tablet

This belongs to the “you’ve got to be kidding me” news of the day. Nokia announced that it is stopping production of its wildly popular N810 WiMAX Tablet, stating that “[t]he Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition has reached the expected end of its life cycle.”

Bizarre for two reasons. First, nomadic / WiMAX networks are finally getting deployed around the world. Second, what life cycle are they speaking of? It’s not as if this tablet was sold everywhere and people were getting sick and tired of it.

My guess: hardly anyone bought it and the company does not think enough people will buy it in the next year to make it worth keeping as an ongoing product.

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  1. Jim Bigness says:

    This article states “Nokia announced that it is stopping production of its wildly popular N810 WiMAX Tablet” then says “My guess: hardly anyone bought it…” Not really sure what the author means by “wildly popular” if they believe hardly anyone bought it. 😉

  2. Esme Vos says:

    I was indulging in what passes today for corporate-speak, companies like Nokia saying products are at the “end of their life cycle” when they never had a real life to begin with.

  3. This has to qualify as one of the weirdest marketed products ever… why develop it if you weren’t even going to try to sell it? And why didn’t it have a phone in it?


  4. Stan Aungst says:

    This is hard to belive? We have developed custom applications for the Nokia 810 including real-time encrypted Video , PKI and ECC DH key excahange I guess we will have to look for another platform for our custom applications.

  5. how is it wildly popular if not enough people bought it and are unlikely that they will?