Clearwire to announce new markets on March 5

WiMax provider Clearwire announced today that its much-anticipated earnings call for the quarter will be held March 5. And according to Clearwire, it will also use that call to announce its next planned market launches, another highly anticipated bit of information in the WiMax world.

Our betting line opens with Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Las Vegas and Dallas on the “short list” for 2009; anyone with odds or predictions, leave ‘em in the comments!

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  1. I think it will be:

    San Diego

  2. Vegas

  3. There’s no way Chicago is going to be launched. I’m with Joe Moe on this one.

  4. Matt,

    Come on. WiMAX is WiFi on steroids.

    Isn’t WiMAX supposed to be the replacement for the ill-fated citywide Wi-Fi network that Chicago abruptly canceled after EarthLink pulled out of the biz?

  5. @Matt if Chicago won’t be launched what will they do with all the towers and gear supposedly in place already?

    A big part of the network was already operational way back in October…

  6. The network is operational now. I am using it, but there’s still massive coverage holes.

    They’re going to launch it, but not anytime soon. I didn’t mean that they weren’t ever going to launch it, just sit on it til they’re good and ready.

    They planned for an end of ’08 launch in the beginning of ’08 and now they’ve pushed it back to the end ’09.

    I think it’s suicide that they can’t get it launched in a major market.

  7. Boston

  8. Where the fuck is NYC?

  9. NYC is a Verizon stronghold. Don’t mess with the big V!

  10. @Matt I think you are seeing the philosophical differences of the Clearwire and former Xohm teams in action in Chicago. Xohm’s Barry West (now at Clearwire) had talked previously about launching in just parts of a city and then rolling services out gradually; Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff now says things like “when we launch services have to be great, everywhere in the market.”

    Not sure which approach is better, but guessing you will see the more-conservative Clearwire deployment style going forward.

  11. Get the scoop at the:
    XOHM Kiosk
    Towson Town Center
    Towson MD 21204
    410 847 9024

  12. I suspect with the unforeseen market conditions, & the push toward provide rural broadband services, that a few second or 3rd tier markets might be advisable. They are cheaper to deploy, and they could exhibit the technologies ability to provide service to a RSA as well as major markets. So something like:
    St Louis

  13. There will be a few large markets that are already in progress:

    Atlanta, Vegas, Washington, Dallas, maybe Chicago

    And possibly smaller markets where they already have service – much faster and cheaper to overlay using existing towers, backhaul, etc.
    Raliegh, Jacksonville, Seattle, Nashville, etc.