Muniwireless updates list of cities and counties with large Wi-Fi networks

Here is the latest update on US cities and counties that have citywide Wi-Fi networks (for public access and government/municipal applications) and Wi-Fi hotzones. Included in the list are those that are planning large city wireless networks. I finally got around to doing this update after many of you complained that the old list was completely unreliable, which it was because it’s from January 2008 and we know many cities have abandoned or put on hold, their wireless network plans.

A word of caution: the list may not be as accurate as I’d like it to be. I’m hoping people will post comments to correct the entries. The section “city and countywide projects” — these are cities or counties that have issued RFPs or were building out the network in January 2008 — may have to be amended significantly as many municipalities have decided not to go on with these projects, but have not informed me about it.

I kept the format of the January 2008 list  and simply used the strikeout font to show cities that have closed down or abandoned their networks or projects. The reason is that these municipalities may want to apply for broadband stimulus grants if their projects qualify and if you think they’ve got a good shot, please inform them.

Download the updated 28 March 2009 Muniwireless list of cities and counties (PDF format).


  1. Esme, was Minneapolis left off the list for a reason?

  2. My mistake: I deleted it from the “planning” list and forgot to include it in the list of completed projects. I amended the list and added Minneapolis

  3. And this is significant. By Novarum’s measurements, the Minneapolis network is perhaps the highest performance wireless network of ANY technology in North America with about 2 Mbps up and 3 Mpbs down available to 802.11n clients.

  4. In Little Rock/North Little Rock Arkansas we operate an open-mesh network now covering over 70 blocks. It’s ad supported with help from Silver Lining Networks.

  5. Esme;

    In addition to missing Minneapolis, I didn’t see what is the largest Wi-Fi network build-out in the world in terms of the number of nodes – Cablevision, throughout its footprint in Long Island, NY, NJ and CT. The announced number is 18,000 APs by this year.

    The coverage map can be found on the Cablevision website at


    Martin Suter
    VP, Biz Dev
    BelAir Networks

  6. Comcast is running a trial WiFi network on NJ Transit lines in parallel with Cablevision.

    Henry Wojtunik
    CellGain Wireless

  7. Does Austin, TX fall into your criteria for a city hotzone? The “Austin Wireless Mesh Network” does cover a significant part of downtown and East Austin. It is a free amenity network. It is, however, run at low power, so it tends not to penetrate buildings.

  8. Please add Santa Monica, CA to the list of cities with city sponsored hot zones. We have 21 hot zones with 64 AP’s providing free internet access to the public. You can remove us from the mesh list for now.

  9. Also, please add Santa Monica, CA to the list of cities using wireless for public safety. We have 129 AP’s for public safety video and 4 for traffic cameras.

  10. Hi Esma:

    The East Palo Alto free WiFi network has been up for 15 months. We have about 900 to 1000 regular users each month. It covers about 80% of the community area. Coverage map and typical users are shown on the website. Vendor was Altai Technologies.

  11. I am at a loss of words but not emotions. I live in Sunnyvale, CA – The Center of the Chip. (Where computing as you know it, began) And while living here most recently I was able to make use of the Metro-Fi Free network at a cost of $0.00. It wasn’t a screaming connection like fiber, but it ranked up there with dsl and cable in its speed; the price, obviously couldn’t be beat. Recently the company sold out, or petered out per say and now we no longer have this service here. I am seriously bummed. Tell you what: As a recently service disabled Combat Veteran (2007) and having been computing since the 70’s here at HP corporate at the age of 7, and as acting founder of founded in 1995, I KNOW that I could critically affect the speed of success for the Muni Wireless strategy. My model for success is close to that which actually failed metro-fi’s endeavors, however, I am not only confident on a nationally based success in my strategy but also a guaranteed positive income from day one if I were to be asked to assist. Preliminary number crunching actually shows that my strategy would entail bringing in great sums of funding from the system itself.

    The only thing that I would ask in return would be that a certain percentage of the net income from day one go towards feeding, clothing and housing those who are worse off then ourselves; an accredited and honest group would benefit as well as many, many people.

    Lowly, I also understand that in this world may it be, that all to often people like me and ideas like this do not find fruition; perhaps its my lack of royal bloodline, I dunno.

    Contact me if you are in the position to assist here, are serious and interested.


  12. Please add:

    Hillsboro, OR

  13. Please add the City of Baton Rouge. We have been up for 3 years. Tropos Networks, network for Public Safety and Public WiFi in a few areas. We cover 10 sq. miles on our way to 476 sq. miles.