Dundee, Scotland replaces wired lease lines with WiMAX network

The city of Dundee, Scotland has replaced 100 wired leased lines to public buldings with a point to multipoint WiMAX network. These buildings include libraries, public schools, sports centers and council buildings. For the project, the city used Aerelink, a systems integrator, and Alvarion’s equipment. Eleven base stations, located on council buildings throughout the city, provide connectivity to over eighty outdoor and indoor end user terminals.  In addition, six point-to-point wireless links using Alvarion’s BreezeNET B equipment in the 5.4 and 5.8GHz spectrum provide the backhaul for the network.

Ged Bell, Head of IT at Dundee City Council, said:  “We decided to move to wireless for three main reasons: cost, bandwidth availability and ownership of the infrastructure.  This network has saved us over 50% of our annual operating costs over the last three years. We plan to expand it to reach new locations across the city to replace leased lines wherever possible.”

It can take as little as just 24 hours for a leased line to be replaced by a wireless connection. Alvarion’s partner Aerelink which designed, built and will maintain the network was recently presented with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the most prestigious business award in the UK.  The company was recognised for continuous innovation in the design and delivery of bespoke wireless solutions and provision of high calibre engineering services.

Richard Watson, Senior Account Manager at Aerelink, said: “Councils across the UK are following Dundee City Council’s lead  in realising that wireless is the most cost-effective and reliable way of providing connectivity for all kinds of users and applications.  In the current financial climate, anybody that spends public money should be applauded for making the leap to wireless connectivity for the cost savings alone.”

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