NYC responds to questions regarding Wi-Fi public tender

Several weeks ago, I posted the Request for Information issued by the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) seeking providers for free Wi-Fi service in NYC parks. The DoITT has just posted their responses to questions asked by prospective bidders:

Question #1: Is the WiFi Salon equipment still in place at locations that were actually built? Has it been abandoned? If so, can it be used by the successful bidder?

Answer: The WiFi Salon equipment is no longer in place and could not be used by the successful bidder.

Question #2 Can the WiFi Provider offer a “for pay model” if there is a “in kind” rebate back to the consumer?

Answer: The WiFi Provider may recommend a model that includes payment by and “in kind” rebates to the consumer. The City’s primary interest, however, is in a model where service is provided at no cost to the end-user.

Question #3 Will the City of NY entertain longer term agreements than originally contemplated?

Answer: The City is seeking information from vendors regarding the provision of WiFi service to a greater number of City parks and other open spaces as a City-designated WiFi provider to open spaces, as well as recommendations as to the configuration of such a program. Respondents to this RFI may submit recommendations concerning the term of the agreement. .

Question #4 Will the Provider be able to submit our own build out schedule?

Answer: Respondents to this RFI may submit recommendations as to build schedule.

Question #5 Why did the NYC Parks Department not renew WiFi Salon after September 30, 2008?

Answer: As the City is now looking for a new, more comprehensive approach to cover parks and other open spaces, Parks chose not to renew its agreement with Wi-Fi Salon.

Question #6 Do the BIDs receive anything from the City for Free WiFi?

Answer: BIDs do not receive financial support from the City in offering WiFi services; those programs are funded by the BIDs themselves.

Question #7 Can the WiFi Provider select specific Boro Park Sites or other open spaces, for Phase-I, or are they required to provide Free WiFi to all Boro Park Sites and Other Open Spaces?

Answer: In issuing this RFI, DoITT is seeking comment on the level of interest in providing WiFi service to the sites listed therein. Respondents may make recommendations as to the contents of the list, or express interest in serving only a segment of sites included. The City will formulate its final list of sites following the RFI review process.

Question #8 Can a new WiFi Provider take over one or more of the BID Free WiFi Services based on a consolidation to reduce expenses?

Answer: Respondents to this RFI may recommend such consolidation. Any such action, however, would be contingent on negotiation of a contract with a selected vendor, based on a subsequent RFP process, as well as an agreement with the specific BIDs that might be involved.

Question #9 Would the City pay for the “publicity” described in Section II of the RFI?

Answer: The City anticipates that such publicity would be provided in-kind, however any agreement in this regard would be subject to the negotiation of a contract based on a subsequent RFP process.

Question #10 What would the City and Parks Estimated Budget to promote Free WiFi?

Answer: Respondents to this RFI may submit an estimated budget for such publicity.

Question #11 Will the City and Parks provide Monthly Traffic information for the Parks and Other Open Spaces?

Answer: Respondents to this RFI may submit recommendations as to the need for monthly traffic information.

Question #12 Does the service need to be confined to the NYC designated WiFi areas or is spill over of the WiFi signal, to adjacent geographic areas, acceptable?

Answer Respondents to this RFI may submit recommendations as to scope of service areas.

Question #13 Is there any objection to the WiFi Provider developing and deploying application links for cell/smart phones that may access this network?

Answer The City does not anticipate that there will be restrictions as to the deployment of application links for such uses. Respondents to this RFI may submit recommendations as to the desirability of including such work in this project.

Question #14 What assign ability rights does the WiFi Provider have with respect to a potential NYC contract for this network?

Answer: Respondents to this RFI may submit recommendations as to a desirable program design in this regard.

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