How to get a grant under NTIA and RUS: guide available for download

The Muniwireless How to Get a Grant Guide: Part 1 is now available for download. The guide summarizes the key features of the recently released NTIA and RUS rules for projects seeking funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009  and provides guidance to those who are thinking of applying for a grant. It also critiques certain aspects of the NTIA rules. The guide gives a few examples of interesting rural broadband projects that could give applicants innovative ideas for their own projects.

The NTIA and RUS guidelines impose a tremendous burden on applicants, many of which are small towns and counties that do not have adequate staff to produce data and documentation, especially census block information on broadband service in their area. The rules are also work against small non-profit organizations and community anchor institutions. What is most disappointing about the rules is that they are heavily biased against urban areas, even where there is an acute need for affordable broadband choices.

I have posted the How to Get a Grant Guide on Scribd as well (if you prefer to read it online).

I will post corrections, updates, and more interesting examples of rural broadband projects on Muniwireless. If you know of a good rural broadband project that could serve as an example for applicants, please email me or post in the comments section below.

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