ERF Wireless applying for broadband stimulus grant, seeks partners

ERF Wireless has announced that it is applying for a broadband stimulus grant across two or more states to increase the size of its wireless broadband deployments (mostly based on WiMAX) in rural areas. At present, they have customers in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico. ERF is seeking to partner with local wireless ISPs who are unwilling to go through the application process alone. As I mentioned in my How to Get a Grant guide, the requirements are too burdensome for small companies.

Dr. H. Dean Cubley, Chairman and CEO of ERF Wireless, commented, “The broadband stimulus program for rural America is ideally suited for ERF Wireless since our business focus has always been providing wireless broadband services to the un-served and under-served areas of the country. And, we believe our intention to deploy the latest in WiMAX technology for virtually all wireless broadband projects the company builds utilizing stimulus funding will further strengthen our opportunities to secure stimulus funding.”

Local governments and telecom operators are lining up to get funding for rural broadband projects. WiMAX is an ideal technology to use in providing broadband to rural areas and WiMAX equipment vendors, service providers and integrators are expected to reap the benefits of the broadband stimulus funds.