Free WiFi comes to Borders book stores

Borders will be rolling out free WiFi service in its US book stores starting October. I had a feeling they were going to convert from paid to free WiFi after Barnes & Noble began providing free wireless service. At present, Borders uses T-Mobile but it is switching over to Verizon.

I am happy to see that Borders is providing free WiFi service. I use their discount coupons often and when I am in a Borders store, I often want to take out my iPod Touch and look up reviews of books that I am thinking of buying. But I really don’t want to pay T-Mobile for three to five minutes of WiFi access.

Borders also has small cafes in many of their bookstores so hopefully free WiFi will bring more people into the store. Of course some may just hang out all day but that’s a risk they are taking. At least they’ll order coffee and sugary buns.

I am very happy to see more places offer free WiFi service. As more home and office networks lock down their WiFi network, the cafes, stores and hotels are stepping in to fill in the need for WiFi.

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  1. Hello guys, good to see that there are others out there who are committed to making WiFi more available to others.

    Gowex has recently been looking into making provisions for wireless communities, please feel free to have a look at some of our work at: or


  2. I stopped going to Border’s because there “Free WiFi” does not work with my iPod touch. Apparently many other people have had this problem: