Wi-Fi enabled bathroom scale tracks your weight, beams it to the web

wifi bathroom scale

What a brilliant idea! Withings is now offering the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale which looks like an ordinary bathroom scale but it is connected to Wi-Fi so that it can register your weight, fat mass and BMI and send it to the Internet. You can monitor your progress via a web page and an iPhone app. According to the company, “the accuracy of its measurements makes it the ideal tool to monitor your health and fitness.”

I can see a lot of uses for this bathroom scale especially in the area of crowdsourcing. Example: If everyone were to get this Wi-Fi bathroom scale and if we were to weigh ourselves everyday and have that data sent to a central database, we’d find out once and for all just how much we’re overweight or underweight, and we’d know our BMI nationwide– no more lying on health department surveys! We’d also be able to track weight and BMI data across various states and cities since the data would be geotagged.

Finally, Withings should allow Twitter integration so whenever you step on the scale, it sends a message to Twitter about your weight, fat mass and BMI. Now everyone can monitor your progress and give you a hard time.



  1. do you really think, it is useful to aggregate weights of fat geeks in that way. i am realistic and say: NO!

  2. Well, it would provide the most accurate information on how fat people really are. Surveys are notoriously inaccurate. People lie, not just about their weight but about the progress they are making in their weight loss programs. Maybe it will encourage geeks to move more, get out of their computer chair and exercise.