Alphimax provides free tool for analyzing wireless point to point links, finding vendors

Here’s a very useful, free online tool for WiMAX service providers (and anyone installing point to point links) from Alphimax. The online tool called PtP Estimator allows you to determine quickly whether a point-to-point link will work between two locations that you specify. No need to climb towers, go through time-consuming discussions with vendors, only to find out that it’s impractical and too expensive.


Go to the Alphimax website, register (free) and launch the PtP Estimator page (see screenshot above).

  • Choose your regulatory domain (FCC North America, Europe, etc.).
  • Set the global positioning coordinates of the sites you wish to connect. Set the coordinates for Site A, then do the same for Site B.
  • Set the height of the buildings or towers where the antennae will be located.
  • Specify the frequencies you will use and the expected bandwidth usage.
  • State whether you will use integrated or external antennae.
  • You can select all manufacturers or choose one vendor (at the moment, Alphimax has data only from Motorola and Alvarion but they are adding other vendors).
  • Select the type of terrain, climate, measurement units (imperial or metric).

When you are finished, you will see the results (screenshot below):


I spoke yesterday to Rafi Cohen from Alphimax. Rafi, who worked in the past for Alvarion, explained that the tool is designed to save service providers, engineers, municipal planning departments and utilities time and money. Right now there is no easy-to-use, web-based tool that gives people a way to estimate point to point links between two sites and an overview of vendor offerings. They are adding more vendors to the list (currently the choices are limited to Motorola and Alvarion) to give people a better summary of what’s available on the market.

Check out the PtP Estimator. It works with Google Earth, which is incredibly mesmerizing and addictive. I found myself putting PtP links between buildings, hills and mountains!


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