Free Wi-Fi in Times Square, thanks to Yahoo

Such a hot fashion trend, sponsoring free Wi-Fi. I ask myself why now? Why did this not take off a couple of years ago when I was writing about how Wi-Fi would be free and ad-supported? One word: iPhone.

Yahoo has agreed to provide free Wi-Fi for an entire year (not a week or 2o-minuntes) starting today in New York City’s Times Square. They must have seen Google’s deal with Virgin America, and Microsoft Bing’s tie-up with JiWire. What makes me wonder about Google: what happened to their Wi-Fi ambitions? They have a citywide network in Mountain View, but after that, there has been no momentum. However, they have decided to sponsor free Wi-Fi in 47 US airports until 15 January 2009; in Burbank (CA) and Seattle (WA), Google is sponsoring the free Wi-Fi indefinitely.

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