A happy ending to the Longmont saga: RidgeviewTel will run citywide WiFi network

I don’t believe in happy endings but the drama surrounding DHB Networks and the city of Longmont, Colorado is finally over, and the residents of Longmont get to keep their citywide WiFi service.

If you have not been following the story, here’s a recap: DHB took over the citywide Wi-Fi network built and run by Kite Networks (which went out of business) in Longmont.  Unfortunately, Kite owed back taxes to the county and DHB had unwittingly taken over Kite’s tax obligations, which DHB was unable to pay. Boulder County seized DHB’s property – the access points and other equipment – and sold them to cover those tax obligations. The sole buyer happened to be an investor in RidgeTelView, who turned around the hired the company to keep the network up and running. So Longmont will continue to have citywide WiFi after all.


  1. Keep your eyes on Longmont! When the deal is finalized by Council (that still has to happen before this story is over), StarNet plans to also invest in RidgeviewTel’s planned Wi-Max deployment. This city will have multiple options available for bandwidth speed along with mobility. New days are dawning!

  2. We love happy endings! Esme Vos was really helpful in bringing this to the attention of the WiFi/WiMax wireless community. I personally hope Longmont will dust off its fiber and share it with the wireless operator. If they have any sense, they already have.

    This is really good for the citizens, and can be used for so many solutions. I hope the city will become a customer and support these guys. Cities are short-sited sometimes, failing to see the value in supporting local businesses they dearly need. “Car 54? Where are you?”

  3. Ridgveiw is terrible! No matter where you are in Longmont you cannot connect to the ridgeview Internet be it on a laptop or a mobile phone. It’s simply to slow to let anything connect. And if you do happen to connect nothing will load anyway. Completely worthless.