GoingWiMAX experts predict WiMAX trends for 2010

Tired of predictions? I hope you have time for one more session of looking into the “crystal ball” to see what’s going to happen to WiMAX (providers, gadgets, infrastructure) in 2010. I am one of so-called experts whose fortune-telling abilities were pressed into service last week. Whether or not you agree with my predictions, I always like to hear what you have to say. Here it is: “Clearwire will roll out deeply discounted WiMAX service in US urban areas, but will have only limited success in part because of the continuing economic crisis. WiMAX will not enter the mainstream in developed countries, but developing countries (and sparsely populated areas of developed countries) will see more WiMAX service. Bold prediction for both WiMAX and 4G : in the US, we will see prepaid service because a lot of people have bad credit or no credit at all. These people form a large and rapidly growing segment of the population.

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