Company Profile: Strix Systems

Strix Systems is a worldwide leader in Wireless Mesh Networking with patented mesh algorithms and Layer 2 switching architecture that delivers the lowest latency, fastest roaming, and highest multi-hop throughput available. Strix’s Access/One products are the industry’s only modular (chassis-based) mesh systems, delivering the largest capacity, highest throughput and best scalability. This new generation of products provides the broadband mobility and reach to support voice, video, and data applications. Access/One solutions have been deployed in hundreds of networks worldwide, outdoor and indoor, for service providers, metros, public safety, government, energy, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, education, enterprises, and residential markets.


OWS 2400 – The award winning Access/One® Outdoor Wireless System OWS2400 is the industry’s highest throughput, lowest latency modular multi-radio mesh networking system. Utilizing Strix DMA™, the Access/One OWS delivers multi-radio Layer 2 switching, multi-RF (4.9/5/2.4 GHz) and multi-channel capabilities using advanced algorithms to deliver high throughput over multiple hops from the core to the edge of the network. The OWS intelligently self-tunes, self-configures and self-heals to optimize the overall performance and availability. RF Channels are selected dynamically, making the network more resilient to interference than other mesh solutions. Working closely together, these features deliver the highest throughput and lowest latency across multiple hops, supporting real time voice, video, mobility and data applications.

MWS100-HSX10 – is a powerful, cost effective, dual-radio mesh node that is complimentary to other Strix mesh nodes and delivers robust data, video surveillance, VoIP, and mobility. It employs Strix System’s award winning Access/One™ DMA™ mesh algorithms, centralized manageability, high performance Layer 2 switching architecture, 400mW radio transmit power, end to end QoS, highest level of wireless security standards, and frequency support for 4.9 GHz, 5 GHz, and 2.4 GHz.

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