Survey shows most people willing to view ads in exchange for free WiFi

According to Devicescape’s latest Q4 2009 survey, the use of advertising-supported free Wi-Fi hotspots confirms the continued resistance to paying for Wi-Fi. In the Q1 2009 Wi-Fi Report, 53 percent of respondents stated that free Wi-Fi is a “must have” meaning they will not pay for a Wi-Fi in a cafe.

In the latest Q4 2009 report, a majority of users (67 percent) still refuse to pay for Wi-Fi service, even if it means having to go through advertisements. A small fraction (25 percent) will pay up to $3 an hour for WiFi.

Question: How often do you buy Wi-Fi access?


How do you feel about using Devicescape’s Easy WiFi for free if it is supported by advertisements?


Chart of survey respondents

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  1. Chris Kempton says

    After researching the validity, In-stat has done research in this area and seems to support it. I read another article that used Devicescape findings. The question that I am trying to answer in my mind is: Is a sample of 8,000 participants enough to make a consideration of the study? I want to say yes, but the question then comes into play what region and conditions is the sample being conducted?
    Another challenge is to compare the numbers with Europe to see what kind of growth there is in U.S. since Europe tends to show to be the heaviest users of WIFI.
    I commend Esme Vos for a more complete article which brings a stronger validity and more
    enthusiasm to look deeper.