Harold Feld on the National Broadband Plan: what we got, did not get

Harold Feld has written an article analyzing the FCC’s National Broadband Plan. Since he managed to get through the entire piece (unlike me), his take on the Plan is worth reading, especially because he disagrees with me on the issue of incumbent influence.

We do agree on one critical factor: he and I are appalled that structural separation is not part of the Plan. Harold says:

No, I did not get all I want. No one ever does. On some issues, such as structural separation, we came up empty. On other issues, such as forcing the Bells to make their old copper lines available to rivals, the Plan wusses out rather than swinging for the bleachers. But there is a huge difference between “we did not get everything we thought would make this plan fantastic” and “it is a worthless fetid steaming piece of refuse.” And, as we’ve always known, the real fun begins with the numerous proceedings the Plan recommends and which the full Commission must vote to begin.

Read Harold’s post on the National Broadband Plan at Public Knowledge.