Kansas Broadband Internet chooses PureWave Networks for rural broadband deployments

Kansas Broadband Internet (KBI) has selected PureWave Networks as the company’s exclusive provider of WiMAX equipment. KBI offers point-to-point and wireless internet service to the rural residential and SMB market in Kansas using the 2.5GHz and 3.65GHz spectrum.

“As we migrate our wireless network from proprietary equipment to more advanced and capable mobile WiMAX technology, we need a solution that is powerful, simple to deploy, easy to maintain and cost effective, all at the same time,” said Lee Miller, President and CEO of KBI. “We field tested the PureWave Quantum against a number of other solutions, and PureWave came out the clear winner in terms of range, capacity and over-all link budget. The end result is that we are now able to deliver such advanced services as streaming video to customers located 7.5 miles away from the base station in a non-line of site environment. We are reaching customers we were never able to serve before.”

PureWave Networks is a relatively new company in a crowded, competitive area (WiMAX equipment vendors).  Its founder, Gideon Ben-Efraim, is a serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record in the wireless industry (he started P-Com, Netro and GoNetworks). Customers of PureWave include Razzolink and Commuture in Japan, which deploys WiMAX in municipalities and educational institutions.

I asked Ronen Vengosh, VP Business Development of PureWave, why anyone would consider their products over those offered by more established WiMAX vendors. His response is below.

“We call our PureWave Quantum 6600 a compact base station because it offers the performance (range, capacity and scalability) of a Macro base station in a Pico base station package and price.”

“To be more specific:

1. All outdoor: PureWave base stations are single box, fully integrated devices that are intended for all-outdoor deployments. That means no shelter, no air conditioning and very simple installation. All you need is power and Ethernet, and the sector is up. This means that base stations can be deployed virtually anywhere.

2. Extended Range: Many people don’t know that Mobile WiMAX has some built-in range limitations, which restrict cell sizes to about 5 miles. Through our unique technology we have been able to eliminate that range restriction while remaining fully standards compliant and being able to work with off the shelf Mobile WiMAX CPE. We have customers in the field who have cell ranges in excess of 15 miles.

3. ASN-GW Optional: Operators want to migrate to mobility eventually, but don’t want to incur the cost and complexity of an ASN-GW in the beginning. Our base stations can operate with or without an ASN-GW. An operator can start without a gateway, offer fixed and nomadic services and then add a standard (Profile C) ASN-GW at any point in the future to offer mobility services.

4. Smart Antenna: Our PureWave Quantum base stations use 6 antennas to offer beamforming technology. Beamforming improves the range-capacity tradeoff and reduces interference between adjacent cells. This makes network operations and deployment much easier.

5. Simplicity: One of the things that we are very proud of at PureWave is that we have made WiMAX EASY to deploy. We created simple, pre-configured profiles that allow operators to get started with their network very quickly. Of course, they can still modify any of the operating parameters on their own if they choose to, but we don’t force our operators to become experts.”

“PureWave is a base station company. We don’t make our own CPE and we don’t try to push any CPE brand or make money on CPE. This means that operators can take advantage of dramatically lower CPE prices that are available because of the vibrant 802.16e eco-system. Operators no longer need to be locked into CPE from a single vendor.”

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  1. Brent Cobb says

    K B I at this point is at the bottom of my list of prefered providers. They have assured me they are in a transitional phase right now in process of installing new equipment at their McClouth tower but I dont know how much more patience I have. For going on 2 years we have had slow spotty service. Every time a thunder cloud passes by we loose internet. I like to play 1 on line game and can’t because it just freezes up and kicks me out because I loose signal. I am tired of calling and complaining and getting the run around. They have at least given me 2 free months of service but I still would prefer to get quality service for a fair price. If they ever get things straightened out I will re-post and let you know.